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Cold rolled steel has a wide range of applications including cars, home appliances and construction materials,and the cold rolling mills are equipped with the latest logistics and automation systers.

What is cold rolled steel?

Cold Rolled Steel is produced by the vertical compression of 'Hot Rolled Coil' to a desired thickness.

After the cold rolling process, the metal can be coated with zinc (Zn) by either hot-melt or electrolytic coating to be used as galvanized steel sheets or coils. Cold rolled steel can also be painted for various purposes.

Having a wide range of applications including cars, computer casing, home appliances and construction materials, cold rolled steel is one of the most common types of metal that we see in our daily lives.

HYUNDAI HYSCO's cold rolling mills produce both cold rolled coils and sheets. However, most of the cold rolled steel strips is coiled to an even length before being shipped out.

Production Procedure of Cold Rolled Product

  1. Acid Pickling Line: Process of removing rust or impurities from hot rolled coils
  2. Rolling: Process of compressing coils with two horizontal rolls.
  3. Annealing: Process of softening coils hardened by cold rolling
  4. Coating: Process of coating zinc on the surface to prevent rust
  5. Post Treatment: Process of treating the surface according to the final product specs.